Hey “Short”y

For this assignment, I had to take a photo of an object and make it look “larger than life”. I chose to take a few photos instead of just one. The photos I took are of a pool table, a lamp, and a column.

This assignment focuses on the objects’ depth and perspective. Taking a photo at an upward angle, looking directly up the body of the object, it looks much bigger than it actually is. The lamp is pretty small compared to another lamp, but from the photo’s perspective, it looks huge. The column is pretty big, but you can see other things is the background to compare the sizes. If there was no background, you would have no clue how big that column is. Obviously, you do not know the exact size, but you can assume it is not 20 feet by the background. In my opinion, the picture of the pool table is just cool, it looks like the red sea. This photo does not make the pool table look tall, but instead, it looks long and wide. There are many metrics of an object you can make look significantly larger just by the angle at which you take the photo. This has to do with my story because these are pictures inside my house. The pool table image allows you to infer I like sports and cars, since there is a picture of an Audi and the Washington Nationals in the background. The pictures on the wall are blurry, but if you look hard enough, you can see them. To understand someone’s full story, you must look at more than what’s right in front of you. You must dig deeper.

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