Grand Finale!! Welcome Friends

This is the journey through my final project for DS106. It will include all aspects of my final project, as well as my final summary. Let’s first start out with a little audio explaining a few things we will be dabbling into.

Now that we understand a bit more to what we will be talking about, let’s get right into the good stuff. First off, let me reiterate, Pebbles the Dalmatian will avatar for me freshman year at UMW while Queenie the Black Lab will avatar for me as a senior.


This will help explain my story and how I have changed during my time at UMW.

Let’s first look at two adorable photos. The first is Pebbles, dressing like I did freshman year. I always wanted to look nice and professional. Since I am a business student, I wanted to look the best I could. Pebbles has a nice watch on and fancy shoes. Also, look how curious and nervous she looks. This resembles me perfectly freshman year. I was very nervous and intimated. I thought everyone was so much smarter than me. It took me some time to understand, we are all in this together.

Now let’s move onto Queenie resembling me senior year. Wow.. times have changed. Look how calm she is, just sitting there absorbing so much information. She is surrounded by books as senior year was full of reports and projects. AND LOOK… she has a cap on and is holding a diploma. Finally, it is time to move onto my next chapter in life and explore so many new things. Queenie looks much older than Pebbles, and that reflects the maturity I gained during my time at UMW.

Now, let’s watch the video I made with Queenie and Pebbles. Watch how they move and the notes that pop up onto the screen. They help explain what I was thinking freshman and senior year.

I hope you all enjoyed that video. Did it help explain some aspect of my story?? I was sooo scared freshman year, fast walking to class to make sure I was not late. I stressed out about taking notes and making sure everything was perfect. Senior year, I learned to calm down and take things one step at a time. If I overwhelm myself, I will get too stressed. Queenie shows how confident and understanding I am now. I am now ready to explore the next chapter of my life!


Now, let’s switch focus to another aspect of my story, which is yummy food! For the next part of my project I wanted to make a video explaining how to make Chicken Parmesan, one of my favorite dishes! Since I am part Italian, my grandmother would make amazing tomato sauce and pasta dishes all the time. This part of my story brings us back to my childhood, watching my grandparents cook amazing food for us!

Doesn’t that look sooo yummy?? This is not exactly how they made the tomato sauce and chicken, but we did the best we could. There are so many other Italian dishes. Chicken Piccata is another dish we enjoy to make. We posted this video 11 months ago but it is still relative to this project, so I will include it just for fun!

PART THREE “fun other stuff”

So parts 1 and 2 were the main aspects of my projects that took the most time which were the intro audio, two edited photos of the dogs, video about my time at UMW, and Chicken Parmesan Video. These next few things are just additional things I wanted to include in the “what is my story theme”.

One cool idea this class made me think about doing was creating an Instagram and TikTok for Pebbles. Since we took so much time editing photos and understanding how to create good content, I thought it would be interesting to create a few social media accounts. Since I started this final project, I simultaneously created the accounts for Pebbles. Since my dogs are such a big part of my story, I thought I needed to include them in as many ways as I could. I think these are two good examples of how I have incorporated skills I learned in this class.



One last thing I wanted to add was a nice picture of my family. I have not posted than many pictures of this semester but I think this is a good one that shows everyone.

From the left-


Final Summary!

Woah! What an interesting class. I have never taken a class that was so open ended. While I look back on my final project, I am pretty happy with how it came out. I like that I included many aspects of media. I hope that made everything interesting and engaging. That was my goal. I wanted to make it seem like you were exploring through my life. I have no clue how long this project took me, all I know is it took a lot of time. I wanted to make sure everything was semi-perfect before submitting. For the audio aspects of my project, I used Audacity and I think using Audacity was one of the coolest parts of this class, as it is something I have never used before. For the videos, I used iMovie on my laptop. It takes some time getting used to the software, so I hope you all think the videos came out okay. For the graphics, I used They have so many tools and filters to make your photos look as interesting as possible. I hope you all liked my final project and let me know which part was your favorite! Have a great Summer!

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